Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The SamOffThaRecord Experience Season 2 Ep. 2 "Musings With My Muse"

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen."

One cannot go through life without a little magic.  Magic is believing in yourself!! When you believe in magic, you meet magical people.  I've had a muse for the past year.  His name is Harold Waight!! He is a mensch and an extremely multi talented visual artist, painter, photographer, has a fascinating sense of style and is just cool as an ice cube!! I believe Harold is on the verge of his artistic breakthrough, I see the passion in his eyes, I see the drive within him and when I hear all his stories of defeat, struggle, and perseverance I cannot believe he shares them so non chalantly, not victimizing his self but laughing and inspiring me. He is a victorious being on his way to amazing things and creating shift along the way!! Well I had to spend some time with him and his beau, the super dope fashion designer Malcolm Diggs this last time I was in New York.  We always have fun creating, laughing and inspiring each other to keep believing in magic and most importantly ourselves!! I hope you enjoy this episode and you too feel inspired to believe in magic!!

                        Harold at his home studio looking at all his photos from his recent exhibit.

Check out Harold's work at http://www.haroldwaight.com
Check out Malcolm's Digg Cool Exclusive Gear http://www.malcolmscloset.com

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I used to run. I used to kind of have abs. I used to be fit man!! 'Used to' is not acceptable!! I have been slacking heavily with my fitness and I don't like the way it feels.  Not only is exercise great to get you in shape and looking sexy but it's important for our health.  We need to take care of our bodies so that our bodies can take care of us.  Sometimes we get busy and it's really difficult to fit in a good 45 minute workout, hell even 30 minute.  Sometimes we can't make it to a gym or sometimes, well majority of the time we make excuses.  I don't want to make excuses anymore.  I reached out to a great friend of mine, Devan Dunson, who is a professional fitness trainer and amazing motivator to help me put together a 10 minute workout that can target the whole body.  We call this the 'Fast and Fierce' Workout.  I'm going to begin doing this 3x a week for the next month and track my progress.  I challenge you to do the same.  Next month I will catch up with Devan again and come up with a new 10 minute workout so that we can all stay fit! This is perfect right after Thanksgiving. Time to burn away all that sweet potato pie. I have put a list of the workout below so you can check it out and follow the format. So go ahead and hit play and groove baby!! 10 minutes is nothing!! Get it done!! Don't you totally dig the song in the video? Well that's 'Proper Protocol' by my pal out in LA, Dirk Deafner. You can check out the song, even download it here -----> https://soundcloud.com/dirkdeafner/proper-protocol-2

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The SamOffThaRecord Experience Season 2 Ep. 1 "When Dreamers Collide"

"When Dreamers Collide" New York Edition
"We are much more powerful than we think we are. Let’s use this power, use the strength that everyone has when he/she is following his/her real Bliss, Personal Legend, you name it.
We are the dreamers, but we are also the revolution.
Dreams are not negotiable. Dreamers can’t be tamed." -Paulo Coelho

After an experimental Season 1 I took some time to work on a few projects, change my hair color, learn a few life lessons, and well. live a little. I also had some time to figure out what direction I wanted to move towards with The SOTR Experience Season 2. As most of you know by now, I'm not particularly the most predictable, technical, or planned out individual. I work and create out of energy, intuition, and experiences that inspire me. I'm a lover of raw, real ass life, people, and freedom. I decided to incorporate those exact ingredients into Season 2.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Happy Monday beautiful people!!! I'm back with a new Fast and Fierce video. I've had alot of questions about my silver/gray hair and how I was able to get this color. Honestly I never planned to end up with this color, it was like a complete accident. I did it myself, so I decided to share with you my method of doing it! Any who have a super awesome day and let me know if you have any video requests or drop your comments!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


You should know by know that I always have my ears on a hunt for dope music.  Always excited to hear new sounds wether it's indie, up and coming, mainstream, whatever.  Music moves me!! I've heard about Joshua Heart plenty times, even saw him perform once and he blew my mind.  The kid had the energy, the moves like Jagger and an undeniable stage presence.  I'm excited to announce that we have a premiere here of his teaser promo video for his up and coming full length video for "FAME".  I love rock and roll so this visual got me pumped up.  So hit play and get excited about Joshua Heart.  I foresee many great things coming from him!

Named "the next Lenny Kravitz", Joshua Heart is a songwriter turned
"Hip-Rock" artists working with producers and artists such as Dark Child, Mariah Carey, Ciara, Quamé and HItBoy just to name a few. 
Fresh of this years A3C Hip-Hop stage, Joshua Heart has the charisma and tenacity to capture the masses like a pro!  
With the vocal soul reminiscent of Fred Durst and Steven Tyler, Joshua Heart produces a unique balance between alternative Rock and R&B 808 Beats. 
Today Joshua Heart released one of his Official EP Promo Music Video "FAME" and premiered his EP titled "The Heart and The Soul" now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, GooglePlay, Soundcloud and various online radio stations.

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Monday, November 3, 2014


I get a lot of questions about my style, about my hair, about stuff I wear, and makeup.  I often feel awkward answering questions because by no means do I consider myself a fashionista or a makeup guru or beauty consultant.  In all reality I just get really creative and use what I have.  I make shit up and just rock it with tons of confidence.  To be honest, I've been working so hard for the past years building my company and being a single mom that splurging on things for myself is not in my means at times so I decided to create a web series titled #Fastandfierce for fellow hustling, grinding women on the go who want some advice and ideas on how I keep my style edgy and fresh.  Hope you dig it my ladies.  I will be posting weekly videos.  If you have any questions or video requests holler at me!! Here's my first #fastandfierce video!! I show you how to make 3 Cool Headwraps Under 8 Minutes using a dress, a skirt, and leggings!! Stay Fly!!
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The anticipation came to an end this past Friday which was also Halloween night for the awaited video release of rising Atlanta rock/pop group, Hero The Band. The 'Fool's Gold' visual directed by the band themselves along with Demondre Hudson, and Jake Heart was unveiled  at Golden Glide skating rink in the form of a Halloween party.  “We wanted to create something memorable that is beyond the typical music video of today”, stated bassist Jerramy Barnett.  “It’s a wild musical infusion of Austin Powers and the Hunger Games mixed together on  roller skates.”

Hero The Band is comprised of four blood brothers whose jaw dropping epic live performances have rapidly built a loud and loyal fan base.  Justin, Jerramy, DJ, and Nick Barnett combine infectious guitar rifs and electro pop synthesizers, with layered harmonies and melodies to create a unique sound of their own.    Their new single, “Fools Gold” has quickly drawn attention with fans and radio station DJs on a national level.    

Of course you know I attended the video release which was a blast  since I had to peep my little cameo in the video, which only caused me a few bruises from busting my ass while skating! But hey, I won't complain, it was an awesome experience. Hero The Band is on their way to greatness and  witnessing their growth is a beautiful thing. So check it out my friends! Hit play, share, and tell your mama, your auntie, and your grandaddy that the Heroes are here to rock the world!! 
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Behind The Scenes Of 'Fool's Gold' video -----> Here