Thursday, February 19, 2015


I have partnered with to present the #KICKASSGIRLPOWWOW March 21st, 2015 @ The Collider in Midtown Atlanta.
The Kick Ass Girl Pow Wow is a networking workshop for creative women who are  entrepreneurs, leaders and more from different walks of life.
This is a sponsored workshop hosted by myself and Creative Nuova’s founder Adia Dightman. We are collaborating to provide a space and creative atmosphere for a set of diverse dynamic women to create, execute and feel appreciated for their contribution to Atlanta and beyond. Also, we are inviting other young women who have yet to find their niche and who need a little support to become their own “bosses”. Our goal is to connect this group of established women and create projects that will emerge and showcase the power of female unity.
I'm super excited for this event, as we will be featuring some really bad ass speakers and serving you with a great time and inspiration to get shit done!! All women creative and professional are invited but space is limited so hurry and grab your tickets now.
Speaker lineup and more info will be revealed soon!
Buy Tickets HERE!!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


You don't need a bunch of makeup, a perfect body or fancy clothes to make you beautiful, sexy or hot!  You see my kick ass girl, all you need are 3 things to turn you into the sexiest girl in the world. It only takes one minute to get this sexy! Hit play on this #fastandfierce pep talk video to find out what you need to do to own your sexy and have everyone drooling over you!! Remember that life is awesome and so are you!! Stay fierce.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 So it's February 17th, I'm sitting on my desk vibing out and listening to Go Dreamer's new musical project, "Friend Zone" which dropped today. I've been in such a daze lately balancing so much work and planning many new things for spring that I forgot today was the due date, I was so stoked to be reminded by my good friend Buckhead Thread that today was Friend Zone day. I asked BT to tell me how he would describe this project and he nailed it! I couldn't have described it any better, "Sublime meets Michael Jackson, an album to dance to all night at The Back To The Future prom." The project features young musical sensation Raury on "The Color is Green" Track 6, and 'Mood Swings' produced by Ray Murray of Organized Noise. Though I must say that my favorite mellow track is track 8 "All The World" which has guitar features by 2 of my favorite Atlanta creatives, Jow of Vintage Nation and Buckhead Thread. It's like the perfect infusion of sound, energy and creativity. 

Not only is Go Dreamer half of Hollyweerd and producer for Big Boi of Outkast but he himself is a pretty bad ass solo artist who pushes the envelope with his new wave,cool wave, retro electro funk, pop indie, hip hop infused sound. All while at the same time revolutionizing with his 'Weerdo' movement repping for all of us weird beings out here in these streets.

 Overall I'm sincerely diggin' this project to the fullest, not only cus I had the pleasure of being posted up on the cover art with my old Bruce Lee haircut, but because it's simply fresh, new, progressive, and smooth from beginning to end. But hey, what do I know, I'm no music critic or guru, simply a hunter of things and people who create with heart. You be the judge press play and in the words of Go Dreamer, "Stay Weerd!"

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hot Hat Alert!! MY NEW FAVORITE HAT!!!!!!

Hats are absolutely awesome for 2 reasons.  One, to look stylish. Two, and most importantly, to hide your jacked up hair that you don't feel like combing or don't have enough time to do! I'm totally a hat girl.  i have a few favorite hats that I pull out for emergency use to get me looking spiffy in no time.  As of lately I've been infatuated with my new 'Dirty South' ball cap from Convertible Bertt. I think this cap is for boys, but I don't care, i love it!! For starters I am mad about Old English font! It makes me feel like a real ass 'G' haha. I also live in the Dirty South so it's fitting to wear.  I've been wearing this hat almost every day for the past week while I'm working at video shoots, photo shoots, at my lawyer's office, at dinner with my mom... pretty much every where. You know I'm always hunting for the cool shit and the real shit not always what's super popular or trending that's why I love the rest of Convertible Bertt's stuff, it's got an edge to it, it's affordable, local, and on top of it the guy who owns the brand is a homie and his vision is pretty dope.  His apparel line is influenced  heavily by drag racing and the auto culture as a whole. Even though the apparel line is created for men, I feel like kick ass girls can rock some of the stuff too.  I plan on grabbing a few more items from CB soon to add to my #fastandfierce style.  I'm a woman on the go but I love to look fly!! If you like it you might like the rest of Convertible Bertt's stuff so check it out at and if you love this hat click HERE! Tell him I sent you.

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Monday, February 2, 2015


"Heroes are just ordinary humans who choose to do extra ordinary things."

We are all superheroes, at least in my mind that's what I believe.  We just have to be brave enough to step outside of our comfort zone and face our fears so that we can activate our superpowers and start rocking this life and saving the world.  The world needs people to come alive and we've got the power.
I was recently introduced to a superhero by the name of Mikeflo, who is an artist 1/2 of Royal, DJ of Dead Prez for the past 10 years, stylist, and just an all around influencer.  He's also a pretty bad ass human being full of wisdom, knowledge and vibrant energy.  I knew when I met him that I had to feature him on my show.  We took a little trip to a cafe/dog park here in Atlanta and then shot over to Grant Park to chat a little.  His words of knowledge penetrated so deeply that I wanted to simply share them with you.  His new EP Royal Remixes is also something extraordinary to share so the music on the experiences is all from the EP. I chose my 3 favorite songs: Ice Cream Castles ft. Joi, Another One Bites The Dust, and The Boss ft. Beat Assailant.  What I love about Royal made up of Mikeflo and Devon Lee is their ability to be undefined, a revolutionary sound with a broad range of genres infused into a unique blend.  Well, that's pretty much it today my friends.  I hope you feel inspired after watching this to go out there and live an extraordinary life and then I hope you listen to the Royal Remix EP and dance your worries away and enjoy it as much as I have!! Stay true!!

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Listen To Royal Remixes HERE
Learn More About Mikeflo at
IG: @mikeflorgb

Thursday, January 22, 2015


 For as long as I can remember I have suffered from acne and breakouts. I spent my teenage years shifting between Clean and Clear products and Proactive and never finding a steady cure. I just kept caking the makeup on. The only thing that ever helped was birth control pills but they made me hella emo. I feel like I'm getting too grown to keep breaking out but damn it, it keeps happening. I've been trying more holistic ways of curing it and I've somehow managed to keep it semi-steady by drinking tons of water, making better eating choices, maintaining a steady face washing routine and lately giving myself honey facials. The honey facials have been doing wonders for me, I had a really bad breakout a few weeks ago and I decided to treat it with honey/cinnamon. I read that honey is a great acne cure since it acts as natural antibiotic which kills the bacteria that causes acne. Cinnamon acts as antibacterial that de-clogs the pores. The results have been pretty good so far. I've been doing it every other day for 15-20 minutes. My skin ends up very soft and the redness subsides. I'm going to continue using it and tracking the progress. Try it out and let me know how it works for you. Remember that no matter what, you are beautiful and there are no problems, only solutions. Keep kicking ass and being the Fierce person you are!!

A super special thanks to my super awesome talented friends The Freaky Baby Daddies for the cool music on my video. Like it? Hear it Here ------> "Mojojo"

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Call me hunter of the cool, call me hunter of the good energy! However, what's even cooler is when you don't hunt and it's just served to you.  A friend of mine recently put me on to Textiles and Alchemy, a sunglass company that transcends the ordinary. Textiles and Alchemy is the science of deconstructing and reconstructing fabrics into wearable pieces of art. I'm a lover of the art as you know so I was totally digging all of their masterpieces.  They use textiles and fabrics from around the globe to create some of the coolest shades I've ever seen.  Ranging from vibrant pattern fabric glasses to bold and edgy shades of different shapes.  What I love best about Textiles and Alchemy is the meaning behind the brand and the mission.  I love how creative and in tune with the energy passed on from the maker to the product they are.  There seems to be an authentic feel to this brand.  I was gifted a pair of the Ono Zebe glasses from the RA collection.  I immediately fell in love!! For starters they're round which is my favorite sunglass shape, the zebra fabric is super cool and edgy, and they have these cool little shades over the shade that give them an extra unique look.  I specially like the packaging.  They come in a gold block case which made me feel like I was opening up an ancient Egyptian treasure or something.  Super cool man!! It's always really awesome to find brands with a deeper meaning than just someone trying to sell you something.  I plan on rocking the hell out of my shades and copping a few more styles soon.  Any who check them out if you dig them and stay elevated my friends!!

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