Monday, May 18, 2015


Hey my awesome fierce, kick ass friends.  I've been learning a lot lately.  I've been striving, thinking, and doing.  I made this Fast & Fierce Pep Talk to inspire you to keep on pushing forward into the unknown land of your visions and dreams.  The impossible is possible and it's up to us to make it happen.  Here's my advice to make your dreams come true!!!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


"Disinfect your mind and clean away your old way of thinking so that you can fill yourself with new thoughts and splatter a clean canvas with the color of your own reality!" 

Hello! Hello! Helloooooo!! It's been a while since I dropped a new episode of The Samofftharecord Experience and I sincerely apologize.  But, here I am once again with episode 4.  I call this episode "Bleach In The Waterfall" with Hero The Band.  These guys are pretty kick ass, always up to creating, innovating, and being true to their core all while inspiring the world around them.  They have been working on a new EP titled BLEACH and they gave me the sneak peek and kind of the first listen.  I was super stoked to hear their new project, every time I hear their music it pumps me up, makes me wanna dance and gets my mind in the right place, the place of thinking further and greater.  We spent a day out in the wilderness capturing visuals and exploring God's green earth.  The experience of course was nothing less than super exciting and adrenaline rushing. Yep, my kind of living.  They shared news about their upcoming EP which is coming in May 2015!

"Most people consider us a rock band but we consider this project 'iPod' sound because it's a mixture of gospel, country, EDM, pop, rock n roll of course, R&B, and on, when someone listens to their iPod the genre of music is not limited." -Justin (bassist of Hero)

BLEACH is all about disinfecting the negativity from the mind, having a clean canvas and splattering your own reality.  Are you excited?! I am so excited for what's coming from Hero The Band and just plain excited for life! The experience above is a recap of our waterfall adventure and music from "BLEACH" so go ahead and hit PLAY. Stay tuned for what comes next and keep up with Hero HERE.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Floral Patterned Kimono $24.95| H&M Loves Coachella Collection
Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's Party!" -Robin Williams
The birds are chirping, the allergies are kicking, the sun's shining, and I feel so alive!! Spring symbolizes new beginnings, new blooms, new energy, new life.  I feel all those changes within and outside.  I have recently made lots of changes in my life.  I have a new creative job in the city, I have new developments going on with Offtharecord, I'm shifting gears suddenly and I can't wait to share all of the new ventures and projects with you all soon!!  

All of that change has me feeling so good, excited, and full of energy.  I love to express myself fully and boldly so I had to embrace my changes and also wear them.  By now you know that I change my hair about as often as my socks.  Spring is the perfect time to embrace brightness, so I dyed my hair turquoise, or blue green, or greenish, or lemon sherbet color, who knows.... I did it myself so there's no specific name for the color (I will be sure to make a #fastandfierce diy video soon).  I love this hair color, it makes me feel so bold, bright, and fierce!  I look in the mirror and it screams, "Be BOLD bitch, be BOLD!" Then I walk out and act accordingly.  

Another favorite thing to do is switch up my style.  No more black leather jackets and combat boots (winter uniform).  It's time to brighten up.  Changing season wardrobe doesn't mean splurging and spending tons of money.  I'm one thrifty mama, I just don't believe you have to spend tons of money on looking like a million dollars.  Money looks better in my bank account or invested in my son's future and mine.  That's just my personal thought.  Brands don't make you, it's the woman in the clothes. Always remember that my fellow kick ass girls.  However, if you got it, flaunt it!  One of the most affordable cool buys I picked up was the floral patterned kimono in the pictures from H&M's Love Coachella Collection.  This baby was only $24.95! Not bad for a statement piece.  I got a lot of compliments on it and I felt like a new spring bloom.  I wore a basic black tank and black pants along with my black gladiator sandals.  Another thrifty but cool buy are my white cat eye sunnies from a vintage, thrift shop in Midtown ATL called The Lucky Exchange priced at just $10.00!! 

Photos Captured by Adia Dightman

I'm excited about everything, I'm happy to see another spring, I'm ready to rock my bright hair, step boldly into my destiny, and look fierce each step with my thrifty gear!! Remember to keep blooming my friends and make this spring the best spring of your life!!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 Hello BeYOUtiful beings!! I know I've been slipping on my blogging and video game as of lately, but life has been super busy handing me all kind of great ass opportunities that I must just step up to the plate for and knock out of the park. One of those opportunities was creating the first ever #KICKASSGIRLPOWWOW this past Saturday along with's founder Adia Dightman. I posted a flyer and info a few weeks ago on a blog post.
My little heart almost exploded from all the happiness and excitement I felt seeing this dream of mine manifested. My goal was to unite women of diverse backgrounds, professions, ages, and lifestyles in the means of inspiring, empowering,and sharing positivity and ideas. Our panel consisted of some very interesting and beYOUtiful women such as Dr. Karcheik Alvarado, she is an elegant woman Historian with a mean shoe game, Anastasia Nicole of, The Bazaar Bohemian of and, Oni of, and Faatima of Not only are these ladies making waves in the digital space but in real life too!1 They shared valuable advice with us and nothing but good vibes ++++++. We sipped on some fancy champagne thanks to one of our sponsors, Matlock Advertising and munched on strawberries and mini cupcakes.  Our Pow Wow was held at The Collider tech start up space at the Biltmore in Midtown Atlanta.  Special shoutout to Collider for being our second sponsor.  We appreciated their support in helping us make this dream come to pass!! I have never felt more proud to be a woman, to be a freedom fighter, and to kick ass.  It was amazing to be in the presence of so many women of different walks of life from historians, scientists, fashion bloggers, tech girl, singers, and writers.  There was no dress code, be who you are!  There was no egos, no shade, no competition, no barriers.. We were just there to live, create, inspire! Hit play on our video recap so you can see what you missed and stay tuned for the next #KICKASSGIRLPOWWOW!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015


"The women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits."
I am a woman, I am proud, I am MexiCAN!! 
Since the beginning of time I have at times felt that the odds were against me.  Being a Mexican immigrant woman in America has not always been  a cake walk, but it has been a bittersweet journey that keeps me on my toes, a journey that keeps me feeling fucking alive.  The language barrier from a young age was the first challenge I overcame that excited me and lit the spark within me to conquer more and more.  Breaking out of tradition was another,  and certainly I dance freely now outside the box of my cultural tradition.  I am becoming the woman of my dreams.  Each and everyday I choose to find my own strengths, I choose to fight for my dreams, I choose to be my authentic self despite of opinion, I choose to feed my mind, I choose to be strong enough to fight against the odds and continue in pursuit of the vision and dream that was set within me by my creator.  I could be the girl I have been advised from a young age who should focus on looking "pretty" and looking for a rich husband to take care of me, but instead I choose to be the bad muthafucka' I know I am who will create change, break down barriers and live the life I dream of while inspiring others along the way!! I celebrate International Woman's day by being who I am, a MexiCAN woman in pursuit of greatness!

"Las mujeres que rompen barreras son las que ignoran los limites."

Soy mujer, con orgullo, soy Mexicana!
Desde el principio hay veces que en mi vida me eh sentido que enfrento como mujer latina doble obstáculos.  Ser una mujer inmigrante en America no siempre ah sido un camino dulce, pero es una jornada agridulce, una jornada que me hace sentir intensamente viva!  Para empezar el primer obstáculo mayor que enfrente fue el obstáculo de lenguaje que enfrente como nina al llegar a America.  Sentir que conquiste ese obstáculo  fue el fuego que encendió algo dentro de mi que me decía, "Hay mucho mas para conquistar, tu puedes!" Escapar de la limitación de tradición fue otro, ahora siento que bailo libremente fuera de la caja de las expectativas de pensamientos tradicionales.  Poco a poco me voy transformando en la mujer de mis sueños.  Cada día yo escojo buscar dentro de mi mi propia fuerza, escojo pelear por mis sueños, escojo ser auténticamente yo misma le guste a quien le guste, me vale!  Escojo edificar mi mente, escojo pelear contra las limitaciones que el mundo trata de poner frente de mi, escojo seguir en el camino de mi vision y sueños puestos dentro de mi por mi creador.  Podria haber escogido ser la mujer que desde joven me aconsejaban ser, "arreglate bonita  para que encuentres marido rico para que te cuide."  Pero prefiero ser la mujer feroz que yo se que soy, creando cambios, rompiendo barreras y viviendo la vida de mis sueños mientras inspirando a otros a mi alrededor! Celebro hoy El Dia Internacional De La Mujer siendo quien soy, soy una mujer MEXICANA en busca de mi éxito!!

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Photos shot by: Stormy Alexander
Rocking my new cool bob haircut by my friends at Studio Oliver

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I have partnered with to present the #KICKASSGIRLPOWWOW March 21st, 2015 @ The Collider in Midtown Atlanta.
The Kick Ass Girl Pow Wow is a networking workshop for creative women who are  entrepreneurs, leaders and more from different walks of life.
This is a sponsored workshop hosted by myself and Creative Nuova’s founder Adia Dightman. We are collaborating to provide a space and creative atmosphere for a set of diverse dynamic women to create, execute and feel appreciated for their contribution to Atlanta and beyond. Also, we are inviting other young women who have yet to find their niche and who need a little support to become their own “bosses”. Our goal is to connect this group of established women and create projects that will emerge and showcase the power of female unity.
I'm super excited for this event, as we will be featuring some really bad ass speakers and serving you with a great time and inspiration to get shit done!! All women creative and professional are invited but space is limited so hurry and grab your tickets now.
Speaker lineup and more info will be revealed soon!
Buy Tickets HERE!!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


You don't need a bunch of makeup, a perfect body or fancy clothes to make you beautiful, sexy or hot!  You see my kick ass girl, all you need are 3 things to turn you into the sexiest girl in the world. It only takes one minute to get this sexy! Hit play on this #fastandfierce pep talk video to find out what you need to do to own your sexy and have everyone drooling over you!! Remember that life is awesome and so are you!! Stay fierce.

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