Written by: Prisca Dorcas-Mojica

To the immigrants, children of immigrants, or people with immigrant ancestors who oppose DACA: fuck you.

Fuck you for forgetting where you came from. Fuck you for trying to elevate yourself away from your immigrant background, so as to gain some level of access. Fuck you for justifying your migration while vilifying others. Fuck you because you seem to have conveniently forgotten and now you’re part of the problem.

This isn’t meant to convince you of how wrong you are. People like you who have convinced yourselves into justifying your opinions cannot be convinced into accepting that your beliefs are rooted in racism and/or colorism. People like you thrive of of self righteousness embedded in some code of morality around “doing things the right way” without consideration that the “right way” is forever socially imposed by racialized laws that discriminate against people of color. This isn’t even meant for those people at all, this is meant to remind us that these lands aren’t theirs and have never been.

When you go out to rallies and marches, look at all these supposed nationalists and purists who spew hatred, and remember that indigenous people look more like many of us and our ancestors than theirs. Remember that these are our lands. Remember that they cannot keep doing this to us. Remember that united we can do so much more than they can even fathom.

The abundance of the USA is solely defined by their ability to justify their theft of other countries’ resources. The comfort of this United States of America is defined by their ability to reign terror in those poorer countries around them. The overt confidence is based on the fact that poorer and less capable citizens are sent to fight for rich white men’s agendas abroad, for the sake of protecting the interests of the elite. An elite, a truly elite white man has come into office and he represents a type of greed that many cannot even come close to understanding. He feels no
pity, sympathy, remorse, and sees our pain as collateral damage.

Discrimination of immigrants by immigrants/descendants of immigrants is not new – discrimination by immigrants to indigenous communities they stole their lands from is not new. The levels of revolting acts of violence that the USA justifies cannot even be predicted because it truly knows no bounds. I am not surprised, but I am exhausted and while we will not stop fighting remember that we’re fighting against institutional problems like racism, xenophobia, and classism. Remember this and keep moving forward…
…or rest, hide out, go visit your mami, hug your pets. We are a resilient people, and we will prevail because la lucha is in our blood and we are not going down without a fight*.

*not a metaphor