Written by Glendon Francis

Almost a decade after the collaborative album was hinted, T-Pain and Lil' Wayne finally released their nostalgic collaboration album, T-Wayne. Being that the records were initially orchestrated years ago, it almost feels like '08 was encapsulated and bestowed upon us again to relive.

This album captures the contemporary effervescent essence of the early 2000's. The heavy auto tune accompanying T-Pain’s sultry voice and Lil' Wayne’s high-pitched rapping evokes buried aspects of our old selves.

The eight-track project commences with a rather affirming anthem, titled, “He rap he sang.” On this record, T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne introduces themselves, synonymous to an introductory paragraph of an autobiography. The autobiography of a confident, assertive and acclaimed creative. The album closes with a phone call interlude-esque record where both Wayne and T-Pain reminisced on the simpler times.

Be sure to stream the album below: