Written by Devyn Springer


It is truly a blessing to come across Black and brown artists making music that seems to tap into some innate, personal spirituality. Whether it is the pseudo-Islamic and Hindu aesthetics of M.I.A, or the Yoruba Santeria musings of Afrocubano singing duo Ibeyi, there is something wonderfully peaceful about music that calls upon spiritualities and ancestors older than us for inspiration. When a friend sent me a link to Nil Bambu's West Indian spiritual journey of a sound, I was enthralled with the wonderful visuals and underlying peaceful vibe she gives off.

In her newest video called Boy Is Mine, she taps into a place of slow and sultry R&B, with the name of the song seemingly paying homage to the iconic 1998 Brandi/Monica hit of the same title. Placing herself in nature, the video shows Bambu praying, dancing, twisting her hips, and piercing the camera with veil-covered eyes. The song and video seem influenced by the aesthetics of artists like Sevdaliza, FKA Twigs, and previously mentioned Ibeyi, with its unconventional lyrical structure and intriguing vocals progressing you through what seems to be a personal journey. We are interested to see what else Nil Bambu comes out with, as this inaugural music video both excites and leaves us wanting more.