It was the clapback heard round the world.

A day after Nicki Minaj fired shots at Remy Ma on her Gucci Mane guest spot, Reminisce Mackie fired back with "#shETHER". The seven minute brutal takedown leaves no room for questions. From the opening line we know exactly how Remy feels. She goes after Minaj for everything from her butt to an alleged drug problem and her support of her brother who was accused of child rape.

Brutal read aside, there were a few teachable moments hidden in "#shETHER".

Be a good role model.

"I'm the bad girl? When she the one out here misleading black girls. All these fake asses influenced by that girl, dying from bad surgeries. What a sad world."

I'm not saying either one of these women are great role models but Remy does have a point. Glorifying a fun house mirror body teaches young girls this is what they have to achieve to be loveable. #nomorefakebooties

Own your own.

“You signed a 360 deal through Young Money, through Cash Money through Republic. Which means your money goes through 5 niggas before you touch it!… You make like 35 cents offa each ducket. I own my masters, bitch. Independent. So for every sale I do, you gotta do like 10.”

Without going into detail on 360 deals and how they work, understand that the more hands in the pot the less left for you. As an artist and a musician, you must own your work. When someone else controls your masters they control your money and your legacy. (Reason #1 we can't find any of Aaliyah's music streaming anywhere.)

Do your own work.

"No, to be the queen of rap, you can't have a ghostwriter. That's why, this is my house, Flo Rida. N****s done seen Drake penning, Wayne penning."

This goes for all creatives. You can't call yourself a writer, rapper, designer, stylist, etc if you are simply turning in someone else's homework.

Before you come for me, please know I never condone women tearing down other women. That is not what this is. Hip hop has a long-standing tradition of diss tracks, battle rapping, and beef. In that respect, Nicki and Remy are continuing the legacy. In six months they'll have moved on and so should we.

Peep "#shETHER" and you decide.