Macy Gray is back with a timely, new single.

"White Man" gives a voice to the current frustrations felt by people of color across the nation. The moving visuals feature two women using dance to illustrate racial tensions. Knowing the history of resentment between black and white women in this country from the plantation to today makes the video more impactful.

According to a statement, Grey made to The FADER "White Man is a reflective critique of the state of race relations and gender equality in contemporary America which aims to recognize the progress made. It highlights the significant shortcomings that still exist, the acknowledgment that the American society does not need to be colorblind to advance equality for all, and concludes with a positive message of hope through collective cooperation"

Message aside, "White Man" makes use of my favorite quote that has popped up since the election, "..I am not my grandmother." In other words, you can come for me if you want to but you will catch these hands.

Check out Macy Gray's latest drop, "White Man", below. Keep an eye out for her next album this summer.