In every American's mind, the resounding question we have all been asking is; “when are things going to change?” The Obama administration greatly improved the American economy. Unemployment is at 4.9%, the auto industry was rescued along with three million jobs, and taxes were reduced in 2010. Obama believed in science, ethics, democracy, and the American people. Through his administration, he did his best to promote these ideals. But you can only do so much in eight years, especially with pushback from detractors. Many people want better jobs, better healthcare, better insurance, and, quite simply, a better standard of living. What we often forget is we are one of the most advanced, developed nations in the world and already have one of the best standards of living. But, is it so bad to want more? These thoughts are in the minds of most Americans whether they are on the right or left or if they voted Democrat or Republican. This is the common struggle that both sides want to work on.

The inauguration of Donald J. Trump was, whether you were happy about it or not, a definitive moment in modern history. He was the first non-politician to ever successfully be elected to the presidential office. But this fact was overshadowed by one much more present and apparent. He divided the American people. We the people have always had our opinions and disagreements, but we have always come together over of our shared love of country. For once, that is what divides us. Those who are against Trump feel they are more American than those who are for him, and vice versa. Issues that only previously caused underlying tension, are now at the center of this division. We all want immigration reform, healthcare reform, and economic reform, but we all do not agree on how to get it. Also, as expected, some of us are angry about other things, like equal rights and environmental reform. These things impact all of us. Of course, we the people will often disagree, how could 330 million people not disagree? Where we have strayed is in our refusal to talk to each other, we only shout and yell. 

Our next step in this presidency is simply to attempt to communicate. We need to talk about immigration reform to each other; with our neighbors, our friends and family. Have you ever actually met an illegal immigrant, have you taken a walk in their shoes? Have you ever talked to anyone who religiously identifies as Muslim, have you heard them out? Have you spoken to a refugee and listened to their experience? Have you looked at the statistics on refugees harming Americans? And for Muslims? And illegal immigrants? Look and listen for the facts, not for what you want to hear. At the end of the day, an entire population cannot be made of only terrorists and criminals or otherwise, we’d already be dead by now. These people are human, and they have hopes and fears and dreams like anyone else. The same goes for healthcare. Many Americans do not realize that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing. This does not make anyone an idiot. It makes them misinformed, so go out and educate yourself and others. Don’t just be angry, we are all angry if it wasn’t obvious. Put your anger to good use, change the world a little and make a difference.