Photo courtesy  @ResistsThis

Photo courtesy @ResistsThis

The world is constantly moving and changing. Here's what has happened over the past couple of weeks:


As you may have heard, dear Donald pulled the United States federal government out of the Paris climate agreement. Making us one of three countries in the world not committed to the accords. On the other hand, several U. S. states retaliated against this decision by forming the United States Climate Alliance.


June is National Pride Month in America with the official day of Pride being June 10th, celebrated by a Pride Parade, and a March for Equality the following day, June 11th. The celebration was highly successful, with thousands marching in support of equal rights for the LGBTQ community. Thousands also honored the one year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. 

Also, activists from Black Lives Matter DC and several other organizations protested during the Capital Pride parade, successfully shutting down the parade and causing it to re-route. The #NoJusticeNoPride protesters made demands which included more inclusion of Black and brown people, divestment from corporate sponsors like Bank of America and Lockheed Martin which fund the DAPL Pipeline and the military-industrial-complex, respectively. 

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin exploded across headlines recently after a video of her holding the chopped, bloodied head of Trump surfaced. The comedian was fired from her position at CNN, and later apologized saying it was “too far,” while many others applauded her for it.

Puerto Rico

In a major economic crisis, Puerto Rico recently declared bankruptcy because of major debt owed to the US. A new budget plan was recently passed that cuts government payroll, defunds schools, and designates 800 million to debt payments. The island also had a national referendum on statehood with the majority for the option - however, it's important to note that of Puerto Rico's population of 3.5 million, less than 500,000 people voted in this referendum and the majority of people prefer Puerto Rican independence from colonization.


FBI Director James Comey was recently fired by Trump, then volunteered to testify publicly before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Trump. What a story. In the hearings last week Comey described Trump as 'manipulative' and 'uncomfortable.' Trump retaliated through tweets, calling Comey a liar.


England's left party, the Labour party, recently increased both its seats and diversity in Parliament. At the same time Theresa May, Prime Minister, ignored calls for resignation. this is an important event which shows a shift away from both conservatism and neoliberalism and movement towards leftist politics.