Written By: Devyn Springer

Some of these are lessons I had to learn the hard way, while others are simply affirmations that good friends never let me forget. Either way, it helps to read words that soothe the soul. With a Trump as president and the increasing assault of those deemed “other” by white supremacy, it is important to take deep breaths often and focus on the roses in your life. Whether it is love, friendship, poetry, or emotions, never be afraid to take a day to recenter yourself around something other than politics.

Below are words I needed to type out for myself that might can help you along the way as well.


  1. Stop feeling guilty for cutting toxic people out of your life.

  2. Be intentional with whom you spend your time; if someone isn’t enriching or complimenting your time, they’re taking away from it.

  3. Learn to discuss your joys and happinesses, no matter how small they may seem, as frequently and eloquently as you do your depression.

  4. Power is not confidence, but confidence is power.

  5. Never let someone else’s hands change how you feel about yourself.

  6. Exist to continually found out why you exist.

  7. I stopped saying “it gets better.” Life doesn’t get better, but you do. You get better at navigating the “its.”

  8. You can be both depressed and happy at the same time, and it’s hard to explain how that feels.

  9. Come to terms with your own limitations and don’t be afraid to acknowledge them.

  10. Make art for yourself first. Stop worrying if someone else will like your creations and make the visuals that feel authentic to you.

  11. Read a poem a day.

  12. Read books that challenge you, with concepts that stretch you.

  13. Black magic is real, but we aren’t superhumans. We have to learn to take care of ourselves better and see self-care not as a face mask and relaxation, but prioritizing our mental health on a daily basis.

  14. Hug your friends more. So many emotions can be conveyed through a touch more vividly than words and colors.

  15. Racism affects us in ways we don’t realize it, and the stress it creates will creep into your muscles. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend/partner to give you a shoulder massage, or go to a professional if you can afford it, every few months.

  16. Turn off social media at a certain time every day, even if just for a few hours. Completely ignore it and cleanse yourself of the rapid information overload.

  17. Take a break when you need to, even when it feels difficult.

  18. Practice saying “no” and stop feeling uncomfortable with your limits.

  19. You can never own too much shea butter, coconut oil, or apple cider vinegar.

  20. Don’t feel guilt for moments of joy, and don’t feel unworthy when life brings good people into your life; you are worthy and deserving of the appreciation the universe brings you.

  21. Let the world soften you as many times as it hardens you.

  22. Do not compromise on love, relationships, friendships, and and solidarity. Your standards are valid, as are your feelings.

  23. When given lemons, grab some fresh lavender, mix it up, and make lemonade.

  24. One bad thing is not the end of all good things.

  25. You are worth more than where you work and what degree you do or don’t have.

  26. Learn to be less reactionary and more proactive; I often have to remind myself to stop responding to the world’s words more than making my own statements.

  27. Rethink the way your view of “romantic” encounters. Romance is not exclusively reserved for your partner -- Find the excitement and intrigue of romance within your friendships.

  28. You might not ever outgrow that sadness you keep trying on, and that’s okay.

  29. Don’t let loneliness put you into the wrong arms. Don’t let pride take you from the right ones.

  30. Some of the best friendships are the ones where the two of you can go months without seeing each other, but it feels like you haven’t missed a day when yall meet.

  31. Small moments of joy, lavender, and being loved has made my politics better.

  32. Listen more than you speak.

  33. Nothing you do will be enough in some people's eyes, and that's okay. Learn to accept yourself and move on.

  34. You owe the world nothing but deep self-acceptance.

  35. If love, blessings, or bundles of lavender fall into your lap, just let them be. Do not scare them away by thinking you are undeserving.