Over the course of the last 10 months, we've been receiving hints and content from singer songwriter, guitarist, producer, and band director Jafé, teasing us with odd collections of music. His newest release, "005: HLLRHLLJH" is no different in its ability of leaving us wanting more. With a gorgeous production from Jonny Blaze and Pablo Kozatch, fusing authentic Bossa Nova rhythms and instruments with trap 808 beats, the song paints a picture of Jafé leading a loved one out of mental captivity and through the ruins to freedom. "There are too many syndicates that set our social norms for us, and that to me is an act of mental warfare. The thought that so many people in the world, especially Black America, close their eyes and pray to a God that looks nothing like them, whose power has been used in the past to wipe our people off this earth, is absolutely terrifying. Spirituality is a personal and scared thing - the moment you banish someone to your idea of "hell" because they're beliefs are different from yours, you've completely lost touch with its true purpose. This song goes out to all the mental oppressors - I hear y'all hollering 'Hallelujah!' but tell me, what's it to ya?" Jafé is gearing up to release two more singles with music videos over the course of the rest of the year while prepping the release of his debut LP, Apples From An Alien, as well as the debut EP of his electrifying band, Jafé & The Royals Present: The King Is Dead, The Queen Is Too, due Summer 2018