Written by: Anastasia Nicole 

Thirty years ago, Coretta Scott King wrote a letter to U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond criticizing Jeff Sessions, a then-U.S. Attorney for Alabama and nominee for a federal judge position. The letter was never submitted to the congressional record, and Sessions was never confirmed for judgeship.

This week, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren stood on the U.S. Senate floor and began to read King’s letter. Had the Republican majority allowed her to “persist,” Warren’s criticisms would have simply been another speech added to the record. Instead, citing a rule preventing one senator from impugning another, Warren was silenced and promptly bumped to the top of everyone’s newsfeeds.

One person was so moved by Senator Warren’s decision to stand firm on her moral convictions that she wrote a letter.

Like most of the country, community organizer and activist Arndrea King experienced a visceral reaction when Senator Warren was silenced. She was floored that, in 2017, this level of intolerance and mean-spiritedness was taking place at our highest levels of government. King was inspired by Warren’s resolve to read the words of her late mother-in-law despite being “warned” and “given an explanation.” After sharing Warren’s words with her 8-year-olddaughter, Yolanda, King quickly penned a letter in support of the senator.

During a quick chat last night with King, I was filled with awe by her commitment not only to civil rights but also to empower young women. As a woman who has dealt with being silenced and stepped over in the workplace, I can relate all too well to Warren’s position. Thankfully, King’s words in her letter and over the phone were the soothing balm I needed. I walked away with a better understanding of what it means to go high and stay high when they go low, lest we fall into the trap of becoming that which we work against.

In the brief but poignant message, Arndrea King speaks hope and encouragement to Senator Warren and everyother woman who is determined to not be silenced or go quietly. This is the message we must share with our daughters when they are told to be quiet. This is the love, care and strength we must show every person as we continue to make our voices heard. These famous words of Martin Luther King Jr.’s , embraced and echoed by his wife, Coretta Scott King, and daughter-in-law, Arndrea King, are some we also must keep close: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”