It's 2017 and we're all still listening to '90s R&B. Maybe it's nostalgia for the last great decade before the Internet took over our lives, or maybe, it really is that damn good. Either way, the giant void in our lives left by the absence of new music from greats like TLC, SWV, Jodeci, and the like, is about to be filled. Meet, Ace Tee, whose jam "Bist Du Down?" is bringing all the '90s vibes we've been missing. 

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Ace Tee is this generation's answer to classic '90s artists like Brandy and Monica. "Bist Du Down?", which translates to "are you down?", sounds like something straight off one of my middle school mixtapes. Not only are Ace Tee's vocals dope but her style is straight 90's girl group--baggy pants, hoop earrings, braids for days. Her entire package transports you back to the days when you rushed home from school to memorize the moves from Aaliyah's latest video.

Check out the video for "Bist Du Down?" below and keep an eye out for Ace Tee, this girl's going places.