Written by: Ashley Leysath

I remember a few years ago, a friend of mine was engulfed in a Youtube series called “Awkward Black Girl.” I had never really watched a web series in depth before, however, I decided to check this one out. Low and behold, I was hooked! It was funny, witty, relatable, and quite addicting to watch especially since, at times, I could label myself the same, an awkward black girl. I ended up being a subscriber to Youtuber Issa Rae and remember anticipating more projects. Her original content that relates to African-American women, specifically, millennials on the come up seeking to discover themselves is like no one else creating content right now.

Fast forward to today. You can always find my best friend and I on Sunday nights laughing and consuming “Insecure” on HBO.  It’s amazing to see Issa’s rise to a cable network knowing that just a few years ago she was creating content on Youtube. And it’s amazing that Issa and the content she creates have remained true in its essence.


Issa Rae is a true creative genius. Not only does she write and direct, she's always front and center, starring in the content she creates. She held true to her vision remaining original and turned down other offers to have her show debut on television. Her rise to HBO took a little over five years, with Pharrell sponsoring her Youtube channel--which has amassed over 200 million views-- to co-creating “Insecure” with Larry Wilmore in 2013.

The series opener dove deep into infidelity, relationships, the struggle (aka life), friendships, work culture and being a late 20’s black woman living in  South Los Angeles. Issa perfectly shows a unique dynamic between her best friend Molly and dating life in today’s time. The season finale of Insecure, which had Twitter, black Twitter to be more specific,  in an uproar last Sunday gave a raw cliffhanger of the end of a relationship.The good news is “Insecure" has been renewed a second season and is available on HBO Go now! So now we have something to look forward to in 2017. Pure black girl magic at its best.