Image credit: rICHARD MARTIN

get to know Atlanta based multi-genre artist, rahbi. RAHBI has been on the music scene for years and has had the pleasure of working with artists the likes of erykah badu, janelle monae,  and lAURYN HILL.

wE ABSOLUTELY LOVE rAHBI HERE AT OTR. He's one of our favorite artists around for many reasons. oNE REASON BEING, HE BRINGS joy and excitement to his DYNAMIC STAGE Shows. His message is one of love and light. wE ESPECIALLY WANTED TO SEE THE MAGIC THAT GOES INTO HIS LIVE SHOWS so we captured moments behind the scenes and on stage for you all to see what really goes into his killer shows . iN THE VIDEO, WE GET A GLIMPSE OF THE ARTIST AS HE PREPS FOR HIS First ever afropunk atLANTA SHOW. And as you can see, Rahbi WOWED THE CROWD FROM START TO FINISH.