Jafé Releases First Official Single: “001:Witness”

After 20 years of performing and recording music, NYC native Jafé has formally released his first single as a solo artist, “001:Witness.” Produced by Adrian Lau (SRFSCHL), the song features Jafé’s unique lyricism and blues guitar over Lau’s trap foundation to tell a haunting story of what it feels like to know the absolute truth but have no one to tell it to.

Accompanying the release is the music video directed and edited by Jafé himself, with the help of long time friend and collaborator Maverick Inman. “The video is a product of the philosophy that limitations are often forced opportunities in which a unique form of art can come to fruition, if you allow it,” says Jafé.

Expect Jafé’s second single, “Small Axe" within a months time, with a few more interruption pieces as part of his “Interlude Series” due out before the next official release. For more on Jafé you can visit

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @jafepaulino