"Viva La Raza!" 

After a stimulating visual exposing the violence and injustices Latino immigrants face,  political rants against immigrants by Trump, images calling for environmental awareness, and messaging stating that we are all bearers of power and ending with  "Enciende Tu Luz", the legendary Mexican Pop/Rock band hit the stage before a roaring sea of loyal fans in a packed Phillips arena. 

Atlanta being one of the many stops of MANÅ's #LatinoPowerTour which kicked off in September and continues on until November received the band with arms wide open.  MANÅ's performance lasted close to 2 hours.  Two hours in which MANÅ took us on a journey through 30 years of music ranging from "Oye Mi Amor" "Vivir Sin Aire" "Mariposa Traicionera" "Te Llore Un Rio"  and "Me Vale" which set us all on fire with uncontainable jumping and shouting.  

Fher, the lead singer of MANÅ shared many stories throughout the concert, a personal favorite was his memory of being homeless and being given shelter by a friend in the roof of his home.  Fher shared that all he had was his sleeping bag, a guitar, y una caguama (beer) along with a sky full of stars.  A story fit to give hope to anyone with a dream.

The overall experience went beyond the music.  As a young Mexican immigrant in America who grew up listening to MANÅ songs throughout my life, the sounds brought a sense of nostalgia.  Instinctively I knew the lyrics to 90% of the songs. 

There was a sense of unity and empowerment.  Atlanta being a place that lacks inclusivity of the Latino community in the city, was packed with thousands singing along to MANÅ classics, expressing themselves with dance, laughter,  and affection.  The presence of Latino flags throughout the concert particularly the Mexican flag also worn proudly on Fher's shirt brought a huge sense of pride to me personally.  Fher urged the community to take action in this presidential election porque "No puede llegar ningun cabron y hechar las cosas atras."  

Overall the concert lived up to it's name 'Latino Power'.  Y asi termino.

Viva La Raza!


Catch the #LatinoPowerTour in your city HERE.

Unfortunately, the media was restricted from capturing video.  Flip through for more photos.