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F*ck the box!! Our dreams are made from chicken-scratch on napkins and sleepness nights.  KAGPW is a community of women living in unapologetic AWESOMENESS. Our platform is designed to feed your radical spirit and share the crazy/beautiful lived experiences of kick-ass girls everywhere.

KAGPW subscribes to the idea that we are a force to be reckoned with.  The topics we curate are for us, by us, and offer insight and new perspectives on personal development, taking action, and loving life.  




We take a unique approach to empowerment by inspiring women to inspire other women through virtual and tangible community.  Our content is a necessary resource for living purposefully and shining your badass ray of sunshine. 

KAGPW was created by Samantha Ramirez-Herrera 'Samofftharecord' founder of in an effort to create a movement & celebration for women who live out loud.  




Give A Damn.  The art of giving never goes out of style. At OTR, our identity is defined by building projects with purpose. Today, we’re inviting you to join our movement focused on dismantling the ideas that divide us.  We look to be a role model for progress towards creating a Borderless Society of innovative change makers.   

“Give a Damn, Give a Coat” is about more than donating items you no longer have use for.  It’s also about sharing your story with someone whose story has lost its volume.  We’re all so busy communicating through this digital age that it’s sometimes hard to recall the pleasure of something as simple as a hand-written note.  Letters are a personal way to connect with someone you can’t see.  We’ve taken a new spin on the traditional coat drive. Along with your  #GiveADamnGiveACoat contribution, we’d like you to write a letter of your fondest memory when wearing it and stick it in the pocket for the recipient to discover. The hope is that your story will inspire others to continue writing their own. We model the community we want to live in, that vision means that everyone’s voice deserves a platform.

Coat and winter wear donations kick off yearly in November and are hand delivered to communities in need in the Atlanta area. Stay tuned for our upcoming coat drives.