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What is Offtharecord?

OFFTHARECORD cranks the volume for dissenters that demand attention.  We are purveyors for a generation that shapes what matters in real-time.  A new social order that cares more about what you do, and less about what you think.  Our network gives us access to a circle of influencers who value free expression over fabrication.  OTR leverages the power of storytelling to highlight the guts that become the glory.  Our content promotes experiences that fuel authenticity and make space for artists with radical perspectives.  We are committed to creating a life of purpose, on purpose, and to inspiring others to do the same.  Join us for this journey through BS, a borderless society.


A digital and experiential resource that elevates the creative class by fueling opportunities to push the boundaries of innovation and social commentary.


Memorable sensory experiences for an inclusive community of forward-thinkers and social influencers.


A community and eco-system of like-minded individuals, creators, and innovators.




Welcome to a Borderless Society, the show designed to dismantle old ideas that hold us hostage.  From tears to triumphs, awareness to advocacy, OTR Total BS gives creatives the space to share moments that awaken greatness and fan the flames of innovation.  We will introduce you agitators who spit in the face of fear and defend the front lines of free expression.  Join us as we explore the minds of outliers who are erasing borders and stirring shit up in a world that's not so black and white.  Curiosity is our connection.  Disobedience is encouraged.


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F*CK THE BOX!! Our dreams are made from chicken-scratch on napkins and sleepless nights.  KAGPW is a community of women living in unapologetic AWESOMENESS. Our platform is designed to feed your radical spirit and share the crazy/beautiful lived experiences of kick-ass girls everywhere.

KAGPW subscribes to the idea that we are a force to be reckoned with.  The topics we curate are for us, by us, and offer insight and new perspectives on personal development, taking action, and loving life.  We take a unique approach to emPOWerment by inspiring women to inspire other women through virtual and tangible community.  Our content is a necessary resource for living purposefully and shining your badass ray of sunshine!!

I’ve never been in a room with so many ambitious, smart, kind, and successful women. Both times I walked away feeling like I could take over the world and these women rooting for me. It’s a very uplifting and inspiring experience and I can’t wait until the next one.”
— Sunserae Alexander, 21
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