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We are always searching for ways to uplift those voices that are often erased, those that have been rendered invisible by hypervisibility, and those that go against the grains of the dominant media we see and hear. We are interested in carefully curating the articles, photo essays, and other writings and media that give a platform to the activists, artists, academics, and all around badass people who are moving and shaking the world around them. We are a space that values critical conversations, radical perspectives, and positive change.

If you would like to submit to OffThaRecord, please send pitches or drafts to our editor Devyn Springer at For Spanish content, please send to Sam at

Your pitches should include the word “pitch” in the subject of your email along with a brief summary, intended word length, and projected timeline. Our piece typically range from 800 - 1500 words. 

For tips and help on pitches, see here.



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